E-Commerce Expert Strategy Course

Complete Roadmap to Set-Up Your Own E-Commerce Business

Smiley face   Discover #1 Strategy to make Profitable Ecommerce Business.

Smiley face   Secret Marketing tricks that generate sales.

Smiley face   The Golden Rule - That literally force your prospect to buy from you.

   Rs 11,000/- Rs 2,499/-

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What’s In The Course?

  1. Secrets of Finding a Hero Product


2. Long Bridge ECommerce SALES Strategy.


3. Facebook & Instagram Ad Untold Hacks.


4. Google & YouTube Prooven Ad Strategy.


  5. Live Ad Setup.


   6. Influencer Marketing Super-Sale Strategy.

   7. Amazon – Flipkart & Marketplace Strategy.


   8. WhatsApp Marketing Super Effective Approach.


   9. Making Ads that Work.


   10. Social Media Handling Essentials.


   11. Online-Offline Master-Plan.


   12. E-Commerce Automation Unknown Tools.

NOT a typical boring HOW-TO information course.

Real Strategies, Proven AD Examples and Step by Step Tutorials on How to Create a Profitable Ecommerce Brand.

Invest in Your ECommerce Brand

Regular Fees Rs 11,000 Rs 2,499/-
Super Discounted Price Valid for  Next 3 Days Only
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Results

Importance of a Hero Product and Result of a New ECOM Store

Product – Water Tank Cover

USP – Keeps Water in Tank Cool in Summers

Ad Spent ₹ 91,205

Sales Generated – ₹ 9,93,356 in 2 Months

No 1 Mistake of E-Commerce Owners and Results of a Car Accessory Store

Product – Car Tyre Inflator

USP – Re-Fills Puncture tyre in 2 Minutes

Ad Spent – ₹ 2,22,183

Sales Generated – ₹ 18,72,750 in 4 Months

Long Bridge ECOM Strategy and Results of an Organic Store

Product – Bilona Ghee and Hair Care Products

USP – Natural and Organic Products

Ad Spent – ₹ 15,65,097

Sales Generated – ₹ 95,49,486 in 1 Year

Whatsapp Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce Result of B2B ECOM Store

Product – Dental Products for Dentists

USP – Distributor of Top Agencies

Ad Spent – ₹ 2,56,782

Sales Generated – ₹ 23,26,546 in 1 Year

5 Steps to make an E-Commerce Ad and Results of a Skin Care Store

Product – Face Cleansing Spray

USP – Easy and Convinient

Ad Spent – ₹ 94,142

Sales Generated – ₹ 3,39,150

Customers Gained – 969 in 3 Months.

Smart Gadget Store

Product – Apple Accessories

USP – Smart Gadgets

Ad Spent – ₹ 82,503

Sales Generated – ₹ 4,16,351 in 3 Months

Cosmetic Brand Store

Influencer Marketing

Sales Generated – ₹ 73,39,150/- in 1 Year

The Ultimate Amazon Sales Strategy for Building ECOM Business

2 Brand products successfully established as Amazon’s Choice.

Invest in Your ECommerce Brand

Regular Price : Rs 11,000
Rs 2,499/-
Super Discounted Price Valid for  Next 3 Days Only
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Still thinking whether to buy this course ?

Let’s get your doubts cleared.

Ques1 – Ok Mr. Prateek Sharma … Why should I join your course?

Ans – I will answer this in 3 points.

  1. With 9 years of experience with 1,000+ ad campaigns for me and my Clients,
    I know of What are the things that work and What Do Not, and In this course, I will be sharing No Non-sense Hardcore Ecommerce Building Strategies.


  2.  I want to prevent e-commerce store owners from investing LAKHS, in the wrong products, segments and strategies, due to Lack of Guidance and Expertise.


  3. 90% of Knowledge on Internet is just THEORY with No Practicality, and even if Good Content is there, it is Available in Bits-and Pieces, which makes it Practically of No Use. Hence I want to contribute and Give back to Society through the Knowledge I have gathered over Years.

Que 2 – Shouldn’t I hire an Agency to get me Sales?

Ans – Of course, If you have budget, You should,

But not knowing practical strategies, you will not be able to monitor them, and will remain at their MERCY to get you Sales.

Que 3 – How much time will it take to Complete the Course?

Ans – If you take 1-2 Hours Daily, it will take 15-20 Days to Complete.


Que 4 – Will I get a Refund?

Ans – I want to build a community of serious Founders, where I will keep sharing tips and tricks of what is Working and what is not, even after Course is over.

Hence, if you did not like my course, we will provide you COMPLETE REFUND in 30 Days, you just need to write an Email to me at prateek@marketingshastra.com.


Que 5 – What will be the Teaching Language?

Ans – 80% Hindi, 20% English.


Que 6 – How Can I access Videos?

Ans – We provide eLearning Windows Application in 24 Hours. (Please note that our eLearning software don’t work on Mac.)


Que 7 – I don’t have much technical knowledge. Can I learn from this?

Ans – Of course Yes!. We cover everything from scratch, from Basic to Advanced Strategies with STEP BY STEP Guided Video Tutorials. You just need to have basic computer literacy and knowledge of internet.


Que 8 – How Long can I access Videos ?

Ans – We will provide you LIFETIME Access, and will keep sharing tips and tricks of what is Working and what is not in Ecommerce Sector, even after Course is over.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"We have been using Marketing Shastra to help us with our digital marketing services and they have been doing a great job. The work has been done timely, on budget and of high quality. With their help, we have received excellent sales of our product i.e. Surakshit Water Tank Cover, from the very first month of the campaign. We are really pleased with the service we have received."
Mr Anish Garg
Managing Director, Surakshitcovers
"I can tell they have our best interest at heart because they’re always going the extra mile for us." "They are effective with our time and follow up well without being managed. Their knowledge, efficiency, dedication, and responsiveness have all been far above my expectations. Will highly recommend their designing and digital marketing services.”
Mr Vaibhav Sharma
Managing Director, V-Truss Organics
We are a Hyderabad based company dealing in dental supplies and instruments at Shanti Dental. We were looking for a way to increase our online presence and Marketing Shastra helped us to understand what we wanted. Within just a few months of working with them, our business increased dramatically. Their level of professionalism as well as expertise and experience in making everything work is impressive.
Mr Satyam Bhalotia
Managing Director, Shanti Dental
We have been Working with Prateek and Marketing Shastra Team for around 3 years now. We have grown from 100 Year old Kulfi Shop to a Brand with 4 Stores in last 3 Years. The way they make strategy and brought Engagement especially in Festive Season is exceptional. Highly Recommended.
Digital Marketing Agency5
Mr. Vishal Sharma
Managing Director, Kuremals Kulfi.
We are Working with Marketing Shastra with more than 2 Years now. They have been working as our very own marketing team, and has assisted in our organic, paid digital campaigns and even offline campaigns, yielding a return on investment.
Digital Marketing Agency1
Mr. Rajiv Chawla
President, IamSMEofIndia
Marketing Shastra is a remarkable Digital Marketing Agency. Prateek and Prashant are a team of top notch professionals and among the hardest working, most creative and innovative people. They know their stuff, inside and out and have consistently delivered amazing results. I highly recommend their services.
Digital Marketing Agency2
Mr. Nirmal Bansal
Managing Director, iVentures Capital Pvt. Ltd.
Our Sales Skyrocketed in the First 3 Months of working with the Marketing Shastra Team. They have always under-promised and over delivered. The way they have approached influencers, negotiated and delivered value, goes beyond expectations. They have become an integral part of our Brand. Because of this approach I would highly recommend Marketing Shastra.
Digital Marketing Agency6
Mr Bhavaya Chawla
Managing Director, Built Natural
We are Working with Marketing Shastra with more than 2 Years now. They have been working as our very own marketing team, and has assisted in our organic, paid digital campaigns and even offline campaigns, yielding a return on investment.
Digital Marketing Agency4
Mr. Amit Sethi
Manging Director, Vision Plus Properties Pvt. Ltd.

Invest in Your E-Commerce Brand

Regular Fees Rs 11,000
Rs 2,499/-
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Award & Accolades

Awarded as the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Results, By Sh. Vikram Yadav, IAS, Govt. of Haryana.
Awarded for Outstanding Digital Services for Last 5 Years to JaiRaj Group of Industries and their E-commerce Segment.


About Prateek Sharma

Blue Blazer

Smiley faceDigital Marketing Strategist with 9 Years of Experience.

Smiley face Founder of Marketing Shastra – An Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency.

Smiley face Director and Partner in 10+ Ecommerce, B2B, E-Learning and Wealth Management Companies.

Smiley faceOn a Mission to Guide 10 Lakh Indian Businesses to the Road of Profitable Digital Businesses.

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