Still thinking whether to buy this course ?

Let's get your doubts cleared.

Que – Ok Mr. Prateek Sharma … Why should I join your course?

Ans – I will answer this in 3 points

  1. With 9 years of experience with 1,000+ ad campaigns for me and my Clients,
    I know of What are the things that work and What Do Not, and In this course, I will be sharing No Non-sense Hardcore Ecommerce Building Strategies.

  2. I want to prevent e-commerce store owners from investing LAKHS, in the wrong products, segments and strategies, due to Lack of Guidance and Expertise.

  3. 90% of Knowledge on Internet is just THEORY with No Practicality, and even if Good Content is there, it is Available in Bits-and Pieces, which makes it Practically of No Use. Hence I want to contribute and Give back to Society through the Knowledge I have gathered over Years.


Que 2 – Shouldn’t I hire an Agency to get me Sales?

Ans – Of course, If you have budget, You should,

  • But not knowing practical strategies, you will not be able to monitor them, and will remain at their MERCY to get you Sales.

Que 3 – How much time will it take to Complete the Course?

Ans – If you take 1-2 Hours Daily, it will take 15-20 Days to Complete.

Que 4 – Will I get a Refund?

Ans – I want to build a community of serious Founders, where I will keep sharing tips and tricks of what is Working and what is not, even after Course is over Hence. if you did not like my course, we will provide you COMPLETE REFUND in 30 Days, you just need to write an Email to me at

Que 5 – What will be the Teaching Language?

Ans – 80% Hindi, 20% English.

Que 6 – How Can I access Videos?

Ans – We provide eLearning Windows Application in 24 Hours. (Please note that our eLearning software don’t work on Mac.)

Que 7 – I don’t have much technical knowledge. Can I learn from this?

Ans – Of course Yes!. We cover everything from scratch, from Basic to Advanced Strategies with STEP BY STEP Guided Video Tutorials. You just need to have basic computer literacy and knowledge of internet.

Que 8 – How Long can I access Videos ?

Ans – We will provide you LIFETIME Access, and will keep sharing tips and tricks of what is Working and what is not in Ecommerce Sector, even after Course is over